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44.闻名 be famous for→ have a reputation for

31.由……组成 be made up of→ consist of/ be composed of

7.职业 job→ career/employment/ profession

13.反对 be against→ be opposed to/ object to

8.大多数 most of→ the majority of

32.对……满意 be satisfied with→ express one’s satisfaction with

19.考虑 consider→ take sth. into account/consideration

47.成功做某事 succeed in doing sth.→ make it

1.课程 course→ curriculum

31.然而 however→nevertheless

48.照看 look after→ attend to

23.通常 usually→ more often than not

10.例如 for example→for instance

52.坐sit→ be seated

24.全部的 whole→entire


6.方法 way→ approach


49.向某人寻求帮助 ask someone for help→ turn to sb. for help


11.疲惫的 be tired→ be worn out/ be exhausted

33.对…有影响 have an effect on→ have an influence/ impact on

3.感谢 show thanks to sb.→ show appreciation/ gratitude to sb.

20.记住 remember→ keep sth. in mind/ bear sth. in mind

2.好的 good→splendid/ fabulous/ remarkable/ outstanding/ positive/ favorable/rosy(美好的)/ promising(有希望的)/ perfect/pleasurable/excellent

10.事情 thing→ affair/ business/matter

9.只要 as long as→given that/ provided that/ only if


26.不听某人的话 don’t listen to sb.→ turn a deaf ear to sb.

18.越来越多的 more and more→ an increasing/ a growing number of

22.帮助 help sb.→ do sb. a favor/ assist

42.习惯于 be used to→be accustomed to

17.充足的 enough→ adequate

3.人们 people/persons→ individuals/ characters/ folks

34.我喜欢 I like sth.→ sth. wins my favor

22.巨大的 large→ enormous

29.在我看来 In my opinion→ for my part/ from my own perspective

50.想,怀有……想法,认为 think→harbor the idea that/ take the attitude that/ hold the view that /it is widely shared that/ it is universally acknowledged that

25.对…厌倦 be bored with→ be fed up with


6.如果 if→ on condition that/ assuming that

6.必要的 necessary→ indispensable

25.坏的,有害的 bad→ dreadful/ unfavorable/poor/ adverse(有害的)/be less impressive


25.故意 on purpose→ deliberately/ by design/ intentionally

10.有趣的 interesting→ appealing/ absorbing

29.代替 replace→ substitute/take one’s place/ take the place of

5.困难的 difficult→ hard/tough/ challenging

45.感到舒心 feel comfortable→ feel at ease

40.分发 hand out→distribute

19.不可能的 impossible→ out of the question

21.忍受 stand/bear→ put up with/ tolerate

35.看见 see→ catch sight of

10.对……感兴趣 be interested in→ be absorbed in/ show interest in/ be addicted to/be caught up in/be crazy about/be keen on/sth. exerts a tremendous fascination

28.拥有 have→ possess

7.节约 save→ set aside

51.累,筋疲力尽 be tired→ be worn out

2.一……就…… as soon as→ on doing(/ hardly/ scarcely)……when/ no sooner… than/ immediately/ instantly / the moment /the instant/the minute

39.参观 visit→ pay a visit to/ call on sb./ call at some place

13.适当的 proper→appropriate

30.我认为 I think→ from my perspective/ from my point of view/ from where I stand/ I hold the view that

16.立刻 immediately→ in a flash

5.有时 sometimes→occasionally/ from time to time

7.在……期间 during→ in the course of

1.真实的 true→ real/actual/ veritable

14.贫穷的 poor→ needy/poverty-stricken

36.遇见 meet→ come across

12.勤奋的,努力的 hardworking→ diligent

3.开心的 happy→ glad/amused/ joyful/ cheerful

12.结果 as a result→as a consequence/ consequently

17.使用 use→ sb. have access to sth. /sth. be accessible to sb./ make use of/ take advantage of

6.想出 think of→ come up with/ put forward

9.不得不做 have to do→ can’t help but do sth.

26.许多 many→ an army of/an ocean of /a sea of /a multitude of /many…… if not most

13.令人惊奇的 surprising→ amazing/ astonishing/ shocking

15.建立 build→ setup/ establish

11.顾客 customer→ shopper/client/consumer/ purchaser

21.因为 because of→owing to/ due to/ on account of

1.现在 nowadays→ currently

32.大多数 most→ the majority of

23.唯一的 only→ unique

15.优秀的 excellent→ outstanding/ distinguished

8.基本的 basic→ essential/fundamental/ elementary/ primary

46.美化学校 make our school beautiful→ beautify our school/ campus

16.尽力做某事 try to do sth.→ take pains to do sth./ spare no effort to do sth.

24.决定做某事 decide to do sth.→ make up one’s mind to do sth./ be determined to do sth.

4.希望 hope→ expect

9.各种各样的 different→ various/ varieties of/ a variety of

21.幸运的 lucky→ fortunate

30.吸引注意力 attract one's attention→ capture one’s attention

from where I stand

8.老人 old people→ the old/ the elderly/ the aged/ senior citizens

11.事实上 in fact→ as a matter of fact/ actually

11.忙于做某事 be busy doing→ be engaged in/ be occupied with/ be buried in

43.为…做准备 prepare for→ make preparations for/ be prepared for

19.越来越重要 more and more important→ increasingly important

18.理解 understand→make sense of/ figure out

14.最后 finally→eventually

23.发展,促进 develop→ promote

4.选择 choice→ alternative

15.因此so→ therefore

28.第一 firstly→ to begin/ start with

16.明显的 obvious→ apparent/ evident

5.应该 should→ be supposed to

26.另外;而且 besides→in addition/what’s more/ moreover/ furthermore

如:Many individuals, if not most, conceive the idea that…

18.可用的 usable→ available

4.一点 a little/bit→a handful of


41.站起 stand up→ get to one's feet

24.突然 suddenly→ all of a sudden

22.即将到来 be coming soon→ be around the corner/ approaching

20.小心谨慎的 careful→ cautious

9.青少年 young people→ youths/ adolescents

7.有用的 be useful/helpful to→ contribute to/ be beneficial to/ be of great benefit to

12.导致 cause→ contribute to/ bring about/ result in/ lead to/ give rise to

2.想要 want to do sth. →be eager to /be long for / seek to do sth. / intend to do sth./ have an urge to do sth. / have a strong desire to do sth.

3.非常very→ more than/ exceedingly/ extremely

8.提到 mention→ refer to

38.解决 solve→ deal with/ cope with

2.机会 chance→ opportunity

5.缺点 shortcoming→ drawback

4.重要的 important→vital/ vitally important/ of great importance/sb. attach importance to sth.

27.一些 some→ a slice of/ several


20.和and→ as well as

14.肯定 be sure to do sth.→ be bound to do sth.

27.某人想出一个好主意 sb. think of an idea→ an idea occurs to/hits/ strikes sb.

1.给 give→ offer

37.面对 face→ be faced with

33.为了 so that/ in order that→ lest(以免)/ In case(以防)/ for fear that(生怕,唯恐)


17.常见的 common→ universal