Step 2: Special Exercise to Release Human Growth Hormone

Developed muscles are a signal of youth, especially when they are combined with low body fat.

It is extremely hard to grow muscle when you are in a calorie deficit!


Producing Human Growth Hormone is the #1 Resistance Training Goal in Fat Loss
…focus on increasing HGH and maintaining muscle while you burn off your fat. The time to build muscle efinition is after you have cut your body fat percentage a bit.

Here is how you used to lift for size:

  • Lift in the 8-15 rep range.
  • Do a high volume of sets and reps.
  • Aim to fatigue the muscle over the course of the workout.
  • Lift close to failure on each set.

You see, building muscle size is about breaking down the muscle..and you do this by lifting in a way that “fatigues the muscle”. Then you spike your insulin and provide your muscles with a surplus of nutrients and amino acids to grow. This is effective but it shuts down your ability to burn fat.

Let’s talk about producing human growth hormone…

Increasing HGH is about power NOT endurance.

The key to increasing human growth hormone when you are exercising is short bursts of high intensity….this intensity creates a cascade of physiological events which result in an increase in human growth hormone.

Warning …science explanation: When you push into the anaerobic level of intensity you create oxygen debt in your muscles, which results in the production of lactic acid. This higher level of lactic acid lowers your blood pH which triggers your body to produce more HGH.

So how do you exercise for human growth hormone production?

  • Lift in the 2-5 rep range.
  • Pause in between each rep.
  • Rest 90-120 seconds between each set.
  • Avoid lifting to failure.

I know this goes against what you have read in main-stream fitness magazines.(I learned this from an underground fitness author, Rusty Moore)

Once this was revealed to me, it made a lot of sense:
This kind of lifting increases HGH which helps you burn fat and if you continue lifting when you are in a calorie deficit you will not lose your muscle. Higher reps with lighter weight is ok for exercise but it doesn’t fit with your objectives at this point.

    (On a side note, in Rusty’s book Visual Impact, is full of leading edge thinking. It’s for people who want the “Hollywood look” but the principles apply to people whio are trying to look younger as well. If you read it, check out Chapter 8 where explains exactly what to do to shrink wrap your skin around your muscles …think Dara Torres in this photo).

Exercising to release HGH is extremely effective but it requires intensity. And cutting calories and not eating between meals works but is also hard. It doesn’t have to be too hard that you give up.

Another great option is Turbulence Training

Next I show you how special combinations of nutrients make fat burning and HGH exercises easier. They that help you burn fat and power your workouts to the next level…

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