Fartlek Training

by admin on February 23, 2011

Fartlek training is perfect if you want to get lean results from fun unstructured cardio. While you are having fun with unstructured running you are able to put a little more stress on your system, increase your anaerobic threshold which in turn allows your body to run at a faster pace. In addition to speed you build strength and endurance while varying your workouts to match how you feel. It’s a way to get results like rapid fat loss and increases in running speed without the brutal discipline of speed work.


What is Fartlek Training
Fartlek Training is Swedish for Speed Play. You include a number of small periods of faster running into your steady state run ranging from thirty seconds to four minutes between easy periods for a similar duration. If you don’t want to measure time periods, many run between landmarks like street signs or trees. You run as hard as you feel like running and for as far as you feel like pushing yourself. By varying your pace throughout your run you have fun while you build speed, endurance and strength.

Advantages of Fartlek Training

Fartlek Training is Fun
Anyone can include this speed training into their workouts. As a beginner it’s an excellent way to ease into more challenging work. More advanced runners can use it when they’re recovering from injury or adding speed after building a base or time off of racing. It’s less demanding than a track workout and nore interesting.

Fartlek Training Builds Stamina for Prolonged Efforts

Fartlek running creates similar reactions from the body as interval workouts. By engaging the same energy systems you are able to increase your lactate threshold and run faster and stronger as a result.

Fartlek Training is Fun and can Be Done Anywhere
Fartlek is very different from regular interval training because it doesn’t rely on measured distances and measured times. It doesn’t have to be done on the track like traditional speed work but instead you can choose trails, fields or roads, anywhere you are able to run safely. By working with the way the body feels instead of structured repeats, they are more relaxed and far less demanding.

How to Design Fartlek Training Sessions
Fartlek Training will Increase Your Running Speed and Endurance. Warm up for about 15 minutes or two miles. Then run at a faster pace for somewhere between thirty seconds and three minutes at about 80% of your maximum effort with equal or more time at a slow pace to recover. You know you have recovered when your breathing has returned to normal. Pace yourself so that you can do this about eight times. As you become stronger, the amount of time you run fast will increase while the amount of time you recover will decrease. Cool down for another fifteen minutes at the end.

Fartlek Training for Beginners
Beginners can limit fartlek training to once a week for something between fifteen and thirty minutes and see great results. It is great for beginners because when they become uncomfortable with a high heart rate, they can ease off to a level more comfortable. The objective is to have fun and become comfortable running faster.

Fartlek Training for Intermediate Runners
More advanced runners can do this once or twice a week for about forty minutes to continue to see advances. The next transition is to more formal speed work.

Fartlek Training for more Advanced Runners

As you become more comfortable with fast intervals, find a half mile run and run it run a half mile at 5-K pace and then recover for the same amount of time at about 1:20 per mile slower than 5-K pace. By offering less time than the body wants to recover, it adapts by recovering faster.

Here are some blog posts and videos to explain how to make the most of fartlek training…

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How to Design a Fartlek Training Session

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What is Fartlek Training

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Hope you enjoy fartlek training as much as I do.

Fartlek Training is About Having Fun
So have some fun with your speed paly and run like a child or a fun loving dog who is constantly speeding up and then slowing down. Your fartlek training is fun and unstructured but the additional stress it puts on your body results in faster speeds and more fat burning.

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